å Anger leads to the Harden of Heart.
å Anger will harden the Heart of your children.
å Anger leads to hatred in your home
å Anger Hurt your Health ( I. E. hypertension and such individual can die before his /her time).
å Anger brings Humiliation to the High-minded (See Nebuchadnezzar who became an Animal).
å Anger brings Hindrance to your Holiness.
å Anger Hurt you on the way to Heaven.
å Anger will leads you to the tomb of Hell
√• Anger will hinder you from getting to your physical promise Land ( See Moses: though He made it to Heaven, but Anger couldn’t let Him got to the physical promise land and he couldn’t see the fruit of his 40 years labour)
å Anger can destroy your life and hurt you.
å Anger rested in the bosom of fools.
And Anger is not the mark of A True Christian.
å Anger will bring hurt and harm to the life of the people who delight in Anger.
å Anger always Pushes you to the wrong action