Take me back to old day

Take me back to those days when salvation Message was More important than Prophecy.

Take Me back to those days when Sex Out of Wedlock was seen as a taboo not now when Sex is an Appreciation gift.

Can i go back to those days when pregnancy Outside Marriage was a shame to Families not now that it is a way of life.
Is there Anybody who know the Road to those Days? When descent dressing was the identity of responsibility not now when there is no difference between a Lunatic, a Mechanic and a Sane Man.

Where are those days when the beauty of a Woman was Found to proper dressing first, not now when an Average woman want to appear naked.

Please Can we find those days, when Divorce was a derogatory Language among Christians, not today when broken Marriages are now Celebrated.

i wish i Can go back to those days when true love was build on Sacrifice and trust not now when love is hanging on Sexual Capability and Money.

Where are those days when Men of God we’re afraid of God and live by the word not now when they teach a different thing and live a different life style of their Choice.

Please wake Me up from this Sleep when we arrive at that world where Rapture and Resurrection was the Major Focus of the Church not now that Materialism is the Center Focus.

Have we really forgotten those days when if a Member of a Church fall into temptation, the Church will Cry and pray for his/her Restoration, not today when a Member will Commit a sin and the Church will give such one a position in the Church as long as he/she has Money.

Where are those days when Men will pray until they get Results, not now when all they want is Prophecy even when the said Prophecy has no Solution Or Mandate to Redeem .

Am looking for those days when so many Girls were Rejected and beaten up by their Parent’s, some lost their Education while others were Cajoled by their Mates because they refuse to Compromise and they gave up all for Christ, not this days when Man’s way of life is More important than God’s way, and going to heaven is a dream for the lost.

I just remember those days when parents wanted their Children to Marry born again Christians, not today when parents want their daughter to marry Money bags even if they are Ritualists.

i weep and pray that the Owner of the Church will not Come and Meet his Church like this because Many Saints who has gone will feel disappointed and the Church itself May not Make the Rapture.

please help your church
Please help us all…..Amen !