What do you worship

TEXT: PSALM 115:1-11.
KEY VERSE* “They that make them are like unto them; so is every one that trusteth in them” (PSALM 115:8).
The subject of who or what people worship is an interesting one. Many that claim to be serving God place their interests, loyalty, confidence and trust on something or someone else. Even the so-called “freethinker” is a self-conceited, vain worshipper or self. The actual object or subject of worship may often elude the worshiper who may claim to be worshipping God but gives priorities to something else.
Today’s passage critically exemplifies the dumbness of idol worship and the blessedness of worshipping the only true God. What constitutes an idol is simply any man-made or a man-concocted medium or target of reverence, attention, loyalty and obedience. It is where one’s attention is always centred and to whom any other consideration can be formed on. It has strong power over its adherents so much as to make them do contrary to God’s precepts. But every child of God is admonished to trust and worship the living God only.
What do you worship today? The only true God or idols in disguise? Do you still bow to images, objects (of whatever form even in the church), some human personalities (dead or alive), an ungodly philosophy, fashion, etc? Many people are enslaved to some images that they worship and to whom they bow. Such images could be those of departed saints, or of angels, crucifix or other objects on the altar. Others can be heroes, monuments of historic significance, images representing deities of water, mountains or other natural elements. They could be abstractions like philosophical ideas that people have raised as ‘idols in their heart’.
Let us painstakingly search and try our ways today to see if our hearts incline to obey anyone or anything contrary to God and His precepts.
THOUGHT FOR THE DAY: There is no other God than the Creator of heaven and earth.

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