Pastor kumuyi Is not NORMAL.He is one of the most powerful men on planet Earth,His life is filled with so much Supernatural endowmentsI personally describe pastor w.f kumuyi as a man who is not normal,Because he doesn’t struggle for the supernatural. WHO IS PASTOR W.F KUMUYI Pastor w.f kumuyi is the founder and General suprintendent of the Deeperlife Bible church A.k.a Deeper Christian Life ministry(D.L.C.M)Pastor W.f Kumuyi was born into a Christian family in Erin-Ijesha, Osun State, western part of Nigeria. He completed his secondary school education in 1961 at Mayflower School in Ikenne, Ogun State, from where he proceeded to the University of Ibadan and in 1967 graduated with a first-class honours degree in mathematics where he graduated as overall best graduating student in that year. He subsequently took a post-graduate course in Education at the University of Lagos.He became a born-again Christian in April 1964.On his upbringing, Pastor W.f Kumuyi was quoted to have saidHe was influenced by John Wesley, Charles Finney and Charles Spurgeon. His father was a member of the Anglican Church. According to an article in The Sun (Nigeria), Kumuyi is also said to be “a one-time member of the Anglican Church (now Anglican Communion), Celestial Church of Christ, Scripture Union (SU) movement and Apostolic Faith before breaking away to found Deeper Life.”Pastor w.f Kumuyi began teaching mathematics in 1962 at Mayflower School, his alma mater.He went on, in the early 1970s, to become a lecturer of mathematics at the University of Lagos. In 1973, while being a lecturer of mathematics at the University of Lagos, Kumuyi began a Bible study group with 15 students who had come to him for Bible training. This training became the foundation of the Deeper Christian Life Ministry. In 1975, Pastor w.f Kumuyi was expelled from the Apostolic Faith Church for preaching on the baptism of the Holy Spirit. He continued his independent ministry, which in 1982 became the Deeper Life Bible Church. As at 2005, the Christian ministry is said to have over 800,000 affiliates.Pastor w.f Kumuyi met Abiodun Olowu in September 1972. She became one of his Bible study students and a member of his fledging Christian ministry. They got married on 13 September 1980 in Lagos, and they have two children, Jeremiah and John. Abiodun Kumuyi died on 11 April 2009.On 13 October 2010, exactly 18 months after the death of his first wife, Kumuyi married Folashade Adenike Blaize in London. Folashade is the Administrator of the Deeper Life Bible Church, London.In 2013, Foreign Policy magazine listed Pastor W.f Kumuyi among the “500 most powerful people on the earth.


Pastor Paul eneche said the first man on planet Earth I saw real word of knowledge from was pastor w.f kumuyi.AWARDSBilly Graham church came to Nigeria to give pastor kumuyi an AWARD for the gospel.Pastor kumuyi was a university DonIn 2018, Kumuyi received an honorary PhD from the University of Abuja.


There was an ancient python in Lagos which killed pastors so the land was left untouchedThe king said who ever could kill the snake should take over the landPastor kumuyi was told about it he sent his pastors there they went there and ran backSo pastor kumuyi himself gathered prayer warriors and they stormed the land not too long the ancient python started approaching and all the pastors who came with pastor kumuyi ran awayBut pastor kumuyi stood still and was opening the Bible and quoting the scriptures as the giant snake kept approaching he was quoting the scriptures the snake got to where he was turned back and started turning, fell on the floor died and dried upThe pastors who ran away thought baba kumuyi was dead they came back to check on Pastor kumuyi only to discover the ancient python on the floor dead,and the land was handed over to the church.That is where deeperlife head quarters is now


Pastor kumuyi was one of the first pastors who ought to have own private jet in the early 90s but he declined when he was opportunedPastor kumuyi doesn’t have a BANK ACCOUNTHe is been taken care of by the church.GROWTH OF PASTORS Pastor w.f kumuyi lowest level of pastors in the church do raises dead bodies.


Pastor kumuyi is known for his short prayers and has not been seen laying hands on people he declares from the pullpit and there are miracle outburts in the mammoth crowdHis prayers are usually 4/5minutes then after the final AmenThere will be serious uproar in the congregation


Pastor Sunday adelaja said somebody having a plastic eye began to see after the prayers of pastor w.f kumuyiPastor Sunday adelaja confirmed that he got repented under the sermon of pastor w.f Kumuyi.Numerous dead Individuals have been brought back to life after the prayers of pastor kumuyiPastor kumuyi said he has seen almost all the Miracles in the Bible happen.


. It was a wowing moment at the Dunamis International Gospel Center Abuja. God used Pastor W F Kumuyi to do the Miracle that have never been seen in Deeper Life Church for the past 10 years of my experience in Deeper Life as said by a Man. The Theme of The Programme being COME UP HITHER Pastor WF Kumuyi derived his Message title from the theme titled COME UP HITHER AND GO UP HIGHER, after introducing the title, he divided the message into three subheadings as well:After the sermon, pastor kumuyi made an altar call and thousands of people were rushing ? to come and surrender their lives to Christ. When Daddy led them to Christ, he told the congregation that they should get ready to dance because there is going to be an explosion of MiracleDaddy kumuyi made a short prayer, after the last amen brethren come and see Miracles. The lame began to drop their crutches, the mad people began to recover, the paralyzed began to run, the deaf began to hear. In fact, we cannot fathom the depth or the extent of the miracles that happened in Dunamis but it’s greater than the ones I have been seeing in Deeper Life Church as said by an attendant.The Miracles were incredible. In fact, Pastor Paul Enenche had to come and give a hand shake to Daddy Kumuyi telling him to come back again. A woman that have not walked for the past 22 years ago, began to walk and run. She said after the prayers, she saw some beings on black attires going out from her leg and that’s when she began to walk. Oh it’s was all wonderful!Pastor Paul Enenche led the congregation into another realm of dancing to fulfill the prophecy given by Daddy Kumuyi.


one striking feature of the Deeper Christian Life Mini-stries’ Lagos City-Wide Crusade in partnership with the Christian Association of Nigeria, CAN, besides the rain of miraculous feats in all the venues the train had birthed thus far, has been that despite the huge financial outlay in logistical arrange-ments the church has not collect-ed offering from the numerous participants.The month-long city-wide crusade intended to usher in a new vista of spiritual, moral, physical, material, political and economic transformation for the state and by implication the country at large, was flagged off on September 8 at the Police College, Ikeja and has since moved to different locations in the state as participants silently expressed pleasant surprise that the church was not collecting offering as most churches do.Participants loudly wondered how the church would be able to defray the enormous cost of paying for the venues, renting and moving audio-visual equipment to locations, renting electric generators, rugs, flower pots, chairs, canopies, tents and pay-ment for live television coverage as well as security of life and property. At each of the venues, A reporter noticed several mobile toilets and a brand new standby ambulance for the convenience of partici-pants.A journalist who has covered a few crusades in the past, descri-bed the development as un-Pentecostal, arguing that most denominations would have taken advantage of the huge financial outlay to collect two or more offerings to offset their expense.A spokesperson for the church who does not want his name mentioned, told a reporter that the church does not charge people to attend its crusades, insisting that rather it’s more concerned about winning souls for the kingdom of God.


The crusade train had been to 11 locations in the state and at each of those places there had been outstanding testimonies of miraculous happenings in the lives of the participants.


Mrs Marvellous Archibong who was born blind, testified how she regained her sight after Pastor Kumuyi’s ministration and prayer in her state.Archibong said: “After Kumuyi’s prayer that day, I had a dream and in the dream, I saw a man in a white robe operating a lady and the man told her that the lady is me. When I woke up the following day, I started seeing.”Jumoke Adediran, resident of Ikeja, could not contain her joy when she narrated her deliveran-ce from rectal cancer. For her, it was a horrible experience she would never wish her enemy to go through. Like any other participant, Jumoke went to the crusade with great expectation because two years earlier, the devil had afflicted her with cancer of the rectum—abnormal cancerous growth in the lower part of the colon that connects the anus to the large bowel.Doctors told her to prepare for surgery but she hesitated and by the time she was ready the doctors said the situation had grown beyond their imagination, as the cancerous lump had enter-ed into her private part.They then scheduled her for colostomy, a surgical procedure of bringing one end of the large intestine out through the stom-ach to enable her pass faeces, as against the normal use of anus. This, the doctors said, would help her rest her anus. Before the advice for colostomy, they directed her to undergo both hormone therapy and radio-therapy.According to Jumoke, she fini-shed the hormone therapy and was to do radiotherapy for four weeks, “but two days into the treatment, faeces started coming out from my private parts and I was told to discontinue the radiotherapy. Now, they have scheduled me for colostomy, which is to puncture my stomach to rest my anus so that I will not be able to do my normal passing of faeces from the anus.“When my husband told me that Daddy Kumuyi was coming to Police College, Ikeja, I said I must be there. I told God that I would not like to come back home with this sickness.“As our daddy said that we should lay our hands were we had problem, I did and after the prayer, I could not see it again. Before, I could not sit down comfortably, but now I can sit down well.“Many people have gone with this ailment; but God did not allow it to claim my life. Even when I am not faithful, when I have anger, impatient and all the work of the flesh, God has been merciful unto me.“That is why when our daddy made an altar call, I said whatever the devil wants to use against me will not stand. So, I have to come out again to rededicate my life to God. I said, ‘God, I give you everything. Have your way in my life.’ I thank God that tonight I have received the power to live a righteous life, to live a holy life. So, no more going for surgical operation for any-thing. The Lord has done it and the devil has been put to shame,” she stressed.SCANDALSYou dare not scandal pastor w.f kumuyi because your judgement is InstantaneousPastor kumuyi was in his hotel room with his wife and the media organized a naked lady to set him up so while she came to his hotel door shouting for help pastor kumuyi sent his wife to open the door since it is a female his wife went.Behold as she opened the door the naked woman grabbed the wife, thinking it was pastor kumuyi and immmediately media started taking photos only to discover it was not PASTOR W.F KUMUYI but his wife.A lady came out during Testimonies session and lied that pastor kumuyi wanted to rape her in his office when she came for counsellingShe said I don’t know men of God are like this I thought since he is preaching holiness,He is differentImmmediately pastor kumuyi climbed the pullpit took a microphone and said God is the God of judgement with his calm voice in whom all secrets are beared above all He is the God of Judgement the power of God picked the girlStretched her and she died on the pullpit the second girl beside her knelt down and started begging that they were paid to come and carry such news Pastor kumuyi is hardly scandalized because the judgement is Instantaneous.Do you want to die,dare scandalize pastor w.F kumuyi.IF YOU COMMIT SIN YOU CANT CLIMP PASTOR KUMUYI PULPIT pastor was ministrying at pastor kumuyi’s pullpit as he was ministrying, he fell from the pullpit and straight ahead he was placed on disciplineHOLY COMMUNIONIt is been said that when pastor kumuyi is handling holy Communion service and you are a sinner you dare not take the holy CommunionAs it is said during holy Communion service smoke comes out of the churchSometimes people who eat unworthily faintsThere are ambulances available during the service.


And bishop oyedepo pen down a letter and sent her to pastor w.f kumuyi over her problem after a short prayer from pastor kumuyi insanity dissappeared.Pastor kumuyi pened down and said this is your daughter she has been healed.


Pastor kumuyi is one of the men of God that closes stadiums down just with Bible studyThere is no stadiums that he goes that is not filledThere are times he doesn’t hold miracle service he just does Bible study and explosion of Miracles stadium filled up.Pastor kumuyi has a unique Grace when it comes to Bible study which other pastors learn from


Pastor kumuyi has been preaching salvation message from JOHN3:16 FOR MORE THAN 30YEARS Crowd keep running to church at different centres just to Hear John 3:16 and Holiness Message and they are not tired,Thousands troop in numbers.


Pastor kumuyi church doesn’t allow trousers and ear rings still he pulls one of the largest crowd in the world.


Pastor kumuyi was ministrying at benin crusade and Miracles were taking place at UBTH CENTERDEAF AND DUMB SCHOOLwhile pastor kumuyi was ministrying in a program the power of God struck people in the deaf and dumb class and they began to hear and talk.AN AGENTAn agent was on a mission so the agent saw a huge fire coming out from the earth some agents where sent to check what was the cause they went and didn’t come back and the agent went to enquire of the devil himself and the devil told him don’t go there oohIt is kumuyi that is prayingDon’t start talking like pastor kumuyi until you have done twice of what he has donePastor kumuyi is not normal that man is highly endowned with the supernatural.


Pastor kumuyi is close to his 80s but still he Doesn’t allow anyone to carry his Bible for Him.PASTOR W.F KUMUYI IS A SYMBOL OF HUMILITY


He is married and has two children


    1. We really appreciate you for the concerns you have towards God’s word. I pray for you that you will be enrich with the word in Jesus name.

    2. I am inspired and speechless and I only pray that God will use like pastor WF Kumiyi

    3. Men like Pastor Kumuyi is one of the greatest man of God of our time. God is also raising armies of God in this last day for this generation

  1. As your age so shall your strength be sir. More grace and strength to do more exploits for God with long life in Jesus name. Amen!!
    My only desire from God is that God gives me double of your anointing as he did in days of Elijah and Elisha,George Jeffrey and Reinhard Bonnke.

    1. All the LORD is expecting from us is our commitment and sacrificial service. I pray God that will fulfill your will to serve God in Jesus name

  2. I pray just to encounter God in my life tonight, just want to grow in faith,I want to be lost in God’s love, please sweet Jesus I need you,I just pray for unprecedented move of God in Kenya to turn people’s hearts back to God.

    1. My Dear Brother in the Lord, as your heart long for the things of God,I pray that the Lord will grant you a heart and a will to accomplish the purpose of His death On the cross. I pray that Kenya will be saved for the Lord.
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  3. Pastor w.f.kumuyi is like father,mentor I’m so inspired by him
    I pray God grant him long life

    1. My Dear Brother in the Lord, as your heart long for the things of God,I pray that the Lord will grant you a heart and a will to accomplish the purpose of His death On the cross. I pray that the world will be saved for the Lord.
      You can also long on to our YouTube channel at Believersworld. Our WhatsApp link

  4. My Dear Brother in the Lord, as your heart long for the things of God,I pray that the Lord will grant you a heart and a will to accomplish the purpose of His death On the cross. I pray that nation will be saved for the Lord.
    You can also long on to our YouTube channel at Believersworld. Our WhatsApp link

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