Characteristics of a fake Christian

● They go to work early but come to Church late.

● They beg their boss when they err but threaten to leave Church whenever there is misunderstanding.

● They pay all their dues in the workplace but refuse pay tithe in the Church

● They buy costly things for their boss to get favour but can’t even buy airtime for their Pastor

● When they are not going to be in the office; they take permission ahead from their superior; but expect Pastor and elders to pay visits when they miss Church without notice.

● They fear and respect their boss than their Pastor and sometimes even more than God.

● When they are sick, they manage to go to work but they can not manage to come to Church.

● They take official query serious but handle divine rebuke with disdain.

● They tolerate their colleagues in the workplace but can not tolerate the brethren.

● They turn off their phones at workplace, but get offended at the Pastor if he is not closing at the stipulated time.

QUESTION: Look inward first;
1: Are You one of them?
2: Is there any in Your Church?
3: What can You do to help them please?

#Think about this !!!

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