I read earlier today on my son’s page, Adeyeye Tosin about this great father of faith.
This is not Apostle Babalola but he was made from his sleeves.
Prophet Ezekiel Oladoye Babalola was born in 1924, he lives to 79years of age before he left to be with the Lord.
After his call, he had an encounter where Apostle Ayo Babalola appeared to him and asked him what he wanted.
Baba answered and said he wants to be an genuine ambassador of the cross, in the revelation Ayo Babalola laid on him and he woke up.
Babalola Oshogbo was known mainly for creative miracles.
He was invited to Lagos in the late 80’s to a CAC church in Mushin, as he was ministering, a man who was known to be a dwarf was in the meeting.
The man of God asked the people of God to ask for what they wanted, the dwarf asked that he wants to be tall because the reproach is too much.
This was revealed this to his servant, he said, to that man that requested to be tall, receive answer to your prayers, immediately, he started growing tall until the man of God said stop.
Any sick person that comes close to Baba got healed immediately.
Just like Baba Omojuwa he was very full of God’s presence.
His prayer life was extra ordinary like Apostle Ayo Babalola.
He was invited to a meeting one day and the Lord told to read the Lord’s prayer alone and nothing more.
There were hundred of people at the meeting, as he mount the pulpit, he read the Lord’s prayer and there was massive healing and deliverance.
One great thing about the wonders of God in life is translocating, his vehicle broke down one day and he told his driver to work on it and meet him at the front.
He fixed the vehicle under 10minutes to his surprise he saw the prophet trekking towards the venue of the program, the he speeds the more further Baba have gone trekking.
He finally gave up in order not to crash the vehicle, he met the prophet of God at the venue.
‘In the 1980s, a boy was brought to him, Lukman, who had no mouth opening.
Before then, his mouth had been operated upon severally to create an opening but each time that was done, it sealed up again.
Prophet Babalola prayed and anointed the mouth with oil, the mouth opened permanently.
This defied science even the watching crowd had their mouth opened.
Like the men in his time, The prophet made use of this opportunity by preaching Christ to the people.’
(Culled from Evang Adeyeye Tosin article).
He was also known for the grace to heal people with mental illness, the Lord so blessed him with power that as soon as they brought a madman he would say loose him and the person who become healed.
Like the men in his time they were not motivated by material wealth, their sole aim is Jesus reveal.
Their faith stood them out.
These men don’t go about talking about themselves they talk about Jesus they have personally encountered.
They are sold out to prayers. Not just prayers but faith soaked prayers.
They were soul hunting for Jesus without camera and PR personnel.
Their aim was not to gather crowd but to convert men into the kingdom of our Lord Jesus.

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